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Advanced Tactical Pistol/Combative Handgun 101 - [ATPXX] - $150

Have a concealed pistol license? Are you fully prepared to use it if necessary? This class addresses the real world scenario of combatively defending yourself with a handgun. Whether you are home alone, in a party store, or a parking lot; awareness, preparation, and training for real life scenarios is vital to your basic handgun defense skills.  These classes have been designed primarily around preparing oneself for needed combative handgun skills, or modern day defensive gunfighting.

Course is offered in 3 different advancing levels:

  • Combative handgun 101 - ATP01 - $150
  • Combative handgun 102 - ATP02 - $150
  • Combative handgun 103 - ATP03 - $150

Prerequisites: Students must have CPL or have just completed a CPL class or equivalent.

Class consists of short lecture with concentration on range and gun handling techniques.

Topics covered include:

  • Drawing a firearm
  • Multiple aggressors
  • Malfunction clearance
  • Shooting from cover/concealment
  • Basics to combative handgun

Class requirements:

  • Reliable handgun and 3 magazines
  • Backup gun (optional)
  • Quality holster you intend to draw from
  • Magazine holster
  • Eye/ear protection
  • Minimum 400 rounds (preferably 500)

Class is limited in size due to high instructor/student ratio, so please sign up in advance.

Advanced Modern Sporting/Tactical Rifle - ATR - $350

This course is aimed at the student who wants to properly use their Tactical rifle/shotgun and receive training for CQC or close quarters combat. Whether you have an AR-15 or AK-47, proper technique is vital to safe and effective use of these firearms. Our trainers include police/law enforcement instructors who are highly trained professionals with real world experience.