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Yes! We understand and have heard all the reasons people take our courses. From those who carry everyday and all day to those who don't think they will carry that often. It is still important that you consider the responsibility with carrying a firearm and the laws pertaining to it.

We offer additional advanced tactical pistol training courses that you can take to really take advantage of our instructors knowledge and apply these courses not only to everyday carry but your awareness of self-defense in general.

First, be sure you meet the qualifications found in this section, it is important that before you invest your time and money into our course and going through the application process that you have cleared any road blocks that may be present.

Second, while it is OK for our CPL course to be your first exposure to firearms (we will even rent you a firearm for class if needed), it isn't necessarily recommended. We take pride in our customer service being able to assist you acquiring your first firearm and even offer a highly recommended Basic Pistol Course that you can take prior to your Concealed Carry Course to be comfortable with firearm safety and even provide an advantage of a higher understanding prior to the CPL course.

Third, if you haven't started the process and this is your first exposure to the process of acquiring a CPL, knowing the laws ahead of time can also help make the determination if you want to continue down this road.

It is more important to us that you have a strong understanding of everything involved with having a CPL than just simply pushing students through and collecting funds. We will also guide you along the process as much as we can and provide any assistance we can, with an emphasis on training you until YOU are comfortable.

Last updated on February 19, 2013 by Sheridan Arms