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The steps for completing your application can be time consuming and costly, but knowing the process before hand will make it as streamlined as possible for you.

Take a concealed pistol course that involves classroom lecture/range instruction from a certified NRA instructor, and instruction of Michigan laws from a certified lawyer or police officer or equivalent. Sheridan Arms offers one day classes at least once a month on a Sunday. This class involves both classroom lecture and range training.

For this class you will need to have a handgun chambered in .38 or .380 or higher, eye and ear protection and 150 rds preferred.

Have passport quality photos taken. Many chain pharmacy's offer this service as might your local county Clerk for a reasonable rate.

Take everything to the Clerk. Including your course certificate, passport photos and CPL Application found in the MSP CPL Guide (PDF) along with funds to pay the $105 fee to your local Clerk. After submission and payment the Clerk will provide a receipt that you will take to be finger printed at your local Law Enforcement Center. 

Your finger prints will be submitted to the MSP for processing and once their report is sent back to the County Clerk they have 45 days to either approve or deny your application. Currently, some County Gun Boards may require your presence at their meeting either in whole (as in, everyone whom applied must attend) or because of an anomaly found in your application. While other counties will simply mail you your CPL. We have experience with how most Counties in Mid-Michigan work and can provide information during our class as to if you should be expected to attend this meeting and when it may be. This unfortunately may be a requirement by some counties to receive your CPL so you will need to make arrangements to be their, either time off work or day care. 

There is more information that can be found in the CPL Guide (PDF) Guide from the MSP pertaining to the application process and appealing any denials. Be sure to read this guide in full prior to making the commitment to obtaining a CPL.

Last updated on January 30, 2017 by Sheridan Arms