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As of July 1, 2001 the process to become a CPL holder in Michigan changed from May Issue to Shall Issue. Prior to this date in our May Issue environment you had to express a need in order to carry a concealed carry license. The reasons you could request a CPL could had included being a Private Investigator, having credible threats against your life, or owning a business that had a history of being victimized. As you can imagine this process left interpretation of what is considered a valid reason up to your county gun board.

Since the legislators came to their senses and realized the act of self-defense is a right amongst all citizens of this state, Michigan moved to Shall Issue thus removing the requirement of you to prove why you needed to carry a concealed pistol. Instead, as long as you meet the requirements involving residency and mental health/criminal history, you will be granted a CPL.

The legal requirements are extensive but if you can you answer NO to all of these questions you will generally be in good standing to receive a CPL -

Are you younger then 21 years of age?
Have you been a resident of Michigan for less than six months?
Have you been convicted of a felony?
Have you been involuntary hospitalized, legal incapacitation, a finding of not guilty by reason of insanity?
Are you subject to a bond release?
Are you subject to a PPO?
Been dishonorable discharged from armed services?
Convicted of a misdemeanors within the last eight years?

Basically if you are a lawful person, have never been charged with a crime, or had any history of mental illness, are 21 years or older and a Michigan citizen for at least six months (this may be waived), then you can acquire a CPL.

You will need to read the CPL Requirements from the Michigan State Police for more details, the list above does not include all possible reasons of disqualification and is just a generalization of the requirements. Even if you have been convicted of drunk driving or a misdemeanors you may still qualify.

If you are unsure of your history or have questions on how it may impact your applcation you will want to speak with an attorney prior to starting the application process. We can provide assistance with finding a pro-gun attorney in your area and will help you as much as we can during this process.

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