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Below are some of the full-auto firearms we either stock or have acquired for our customers. Whether you are new to full-auto firearms or have already gone through the process we can not only find what you are looking for, but will guide you along the way.



1928 Thompson Savage reconditioned and reparkerized

Call for pricing


Browning 1919 $19,000 (sold)
Browning 1917 $22,000
M16A1 Carbine $21,995(sold)
HK MP5 $23,000 (sold)
    Beretta 38/42 $9,995 (sold)
Krinkov of Antiquity $30,000 (sold)
MP-43 $17,995 (sold)
M-16A2 $25,000 (sold)
M-60 $30,000 (sold)
MAC 10 $5500 (sold)
MG 42 $38,000 (sold)
Mini UZI $11,500 (sold)


MP40 $15,000 C&R grade
S&W Model 76 $8000 (sold)
Steyr AUG $13,000 (sold)
UZI $10,500 (sold)